Hi, it's Veronika here and I'm finally getting to know more like-minded business owners on Etsy - please let me introduce to you Maria and her shop based in Estonia and Scotland. Maria shares love to linen fabric with me so I wanted to find out more about her business.

Maria, please let us know more about you and your brand and goals:

Hi Veronika,

Here's a little introduction to our brand:

The idea of starting our own business started developing in the summer of 2015 when my partner and I moved back to the Estonian countryside after 8 months of travelling in Europe. We were inspired by the beautiful nature around us and as we had time to truly enjoy a slower pace of life for the first time in a very long time, we felt more creative than ever. We opened our business a year later - selling natural handmade soaps and linen towels. After a couple of years of learning, experimenting and growing, we are now focusing on making pure linen home textiles and home decor items that help to create a happy, harmonious and conscious home - kitchen and bathroom towels, blankets, reusable shopping bags and more. We've also managed to expand our business and are now able to offer international shipping from the UK.

One of our best-selling products is definitely the lightweight and fast-drying bath towel made of pink or gray waffle linen fabric. These towels have all the best properties of linen and are perfect for daily use at home. They absorb moisture very well, dry quickly, and are naturally antibacterial. As they pack small, they are perfect as gym, spa, or travel towels as well. We like to think that these using these towels will help people fall in love with linen and the unique properties of the fabric.

Veronika: These colours remind me of grey pebble beach during sunset when the sky is light pink...

Amongst other personal favourites are our 100% linen blankets. Even though now's the peak season for blankets and all things cosy, the reason we love our blankets is that they can be used all year round. We've put them to good use all summer long on picnics or other outdoor events, or in place of warmer blankets when it's too hot outside. And now with fall in full swing, they are great for cosying up and enjoying time at home. As a bonus, they are a fantastic vegan alternative to woollen blankets and an eco-friendly alternative to fleece blankets. 

Veronika: Cosy, warm and definitely cruelty-free - not only for colder days at the beach...

Thank you, Maria, for your introduction. I'd like to also mention, that Firera Home uses plastic-free packaging which is always great to hear, alongside with the vision that amazing products can be made eco-consciously and vegan.

If you want to explore more, visit their shop Firera Home or their Instagram.

Also, in the end, I'd like to show my personal favourite product form Firera Home and that is the linen mesh bag. It looks like a fishing net, yet you catch rather oranges in it. Nautical, yet vegan, great choice to style your beach shopping =)

Thank you for reading, let me know about your favourite vegan brands in the comments.

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